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Whether you are a diver or not, the pictures presented here by Photos Bank will delight you in more ways than one. All were selected so you can admire the seabed as if you were there. Treat yourself and enjoy your exploration with family or friends.

All photos presented on underwater Photos Bank are single rate. So you can order a single picture underwater or group of photos you can then download to view them as a slideshow HDTV.

All underwater pictures were taken with top of the range professional equipment. With a full frame sensor of 38 million pixels, professionals and flashes a box underwater from the highest technologies, the photographer (Smati Beghoura) has managed to "out" the topics that came to him.

Take your time and discover a world unknown and too often presented as a hostile and dangerous world. Here nature presents you Smati Beghoura only color harmony, peace symbols. Once you have made this trip underwater, comfortably sitting in your sofa, you will most certainly reconciled with sub marine species.


Smati Beghoura (professional photographer, Class IIB), the picture began diving in 1995. His passion for photography, traveling and scuba diving have quickly turned to the professional environment in which he practices his profession full time in 2000 . His passion for travel has led Smati Beghoura to go many countries which over the years have enabled him to acquire extensive experience in the photo diving, always with a single objective, to discover the wonders of the seabed all public.

When you talk with this man sparkling smile of happiness, you have only one desire ... Do what it has always dared to ... Making his passions his job. Go further in conversation, you learn that his only motivation is not sensational underwater photo type, but rather the discovery of a beautifully colored world that has nothing to envy to the most famous painters.

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